Get Foot Pain Relief With Fitnus Wrap

Relieve Stiff, Achy, and Painful Feet Naturally with the Revolutionary Fitnus Wrap.

  • Soothing Compression Targets Your Heels, Ankles, and Arches.
  • Reduces Inflammation and Strain that Leads to Pain.
  • Stabilising Technology is Safe, Effective, and Natural.

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Soothing Compression
Breathable, stretchy, light
Maximum Comfort
Stabilising Technology

Modern Technology for Natural Pain Relief

The Fitnus Wrap was specifically designed to target the heel, arch, and ankle. By combining healing compression with stabilizing technology, the Fitnus Wrap provides natural support and pain relief without pills, surgery, or injections.

All Day Comfort and Support

The Fitnus Wrap can be worn all day or all night. Under socks, over socks, with or without shoes.

Choose from Men’s or Women’s “One Size Fits All”.

Get Your Life Back with Fitnus Wrap!


"This foot brace has completely changed everything for me. I used to wake up with intense foot pain in my arch and heel. It got better as the day went on, but those first few hours were awful. I now wear this at night and wake up pain free every day. Thank you thank you thank you!!!"
Sandy Sorenson (Verified Purchase)
"I’ve had several foot procedures including a cheilectomy and ingrown toenail surgery. So I am no stranger to foot pain and foot issues. When I started having heel pain last year it was “here we go again”. But the Fitnus Foot Wrap has stopped it cold. I love it."
David Weber (Verified Purchase)
"I bought this foot wrap for my mother because she was having serious foot pain that was starting to affect her quality of life. She didn’t want it at first because she thought it would be too bulky for her shoe but it fits great and she’s using it and getting around much better."
Eric Morrow (Verified Purchase)
"I play over-40 softball and basketball and routinely have foot and ankle pain. My doctor told me compression around the ankle and heel was good for guys like me and recommended several options including Fitnus. This one seemed like the best and I can say I am very satisfied."
Thomas Spencer (Verified Purchase)

You Have Questions? We Have Answers:

Are There Different Sizes of Fitnus Wrap?

Fitnus wrap uses adjustable compression straps for a true “one size fits all” fit.

Can I Use This For Any Foot Pain?

Yes, Fitnus Wrap is specifically designed to target your feet from the ankle to the heel all the way through the arch. It offers exceptional support and soothing compression to those vital foot areas.

Do I Wear My Fitnus Wrap During the Day or Night?

Either one. We suggest experimenting. If you wake up with painful feet (like millions do), try it at night first. If your feet are sore after a long day, then maybe daytime is better for you.

Can I Wear My Fitnus Wrap With Socks and Shoes?

Yes you can, and that’s the best part. Your Fitnus Wrap can be worn comfortably with nearly any sock or shoe.

What’s The Secret Behind Fitnus Wrap?

Fitnus Wrap combines stabilizing support with soothing compression, which offers the most effective natural pain relief for your feet. It’s truly a technological marvel.

There is limited availibility and this 50% OFF REGULAR PRICE OFFER may be taken down at any moment!

Relieve Your Painful Feet With Fitnus Wrap

Fitnus Wrap Combines Compression With Stabilizing Support Technology for Natural Foot Pain Relief